Are Ice Packs Allowed In Carry On Luggage?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered if you can bring an ice pack in your carry-on luggage. I know I have. After doing some research, I found out that you are allowed to bring a frozen ice pack in your carry-on, as long as it is 100-ml (3.4 oz) or less. So, if you’re looking to keep your food cold while traveling, an ice pack is a great option!

So, are ice packs allowed in carry on luggage?

Yes, you can bring ice packs in your carry-on luggage, but there are some restrictions. All ice packs must be 100-ml (3.4 oz) containers or smaller, and they must be frozen solid. If they are not already frozen, they will be subject to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, which limits liquids, gels, and aerosols to 3.4 oz (100 ml) containers or smaller that are all placed in a single, clear, quart-sized bag.

Let’s dig into it and see what we can learn.


  • To keep your food cold during your flight, pack it with frozen gel packs or take two coolers. Start with frozen food, and pack the cooler tight. Don’t forget to put ice on top of the food.
  • Solid food items that are not liquids or gels can be transported in either your carry-on or checked baggage, but liquid or gel food items that are larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed.
  • The best food items to pack in your carry-on luggage are those that are easy to eat and won’t make a mess. Packaged snacks like nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit are all great options.
  • To keep food fresh during a flight, pack it in a cooler with ice packs, pre-order meals if possible, and keep perishable items in carry-on luggage.
  • As long as your food can fit in your carry-on bag and doesn’t require refrigeration, you’re good to go! A few tips to make packing food easier and less messy include packing food that doesn’t need to be cooked, such as sandwiches, wraps, fruit, and granola bars; opting for foods that are easy to eat on the go, such as trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit; and if you’re packing anything liquid or semi-liquid, make sure it’s in a resealable container. Don’t forget to pack snacks for the kids!

Can I Put Ice Packs In My Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can put ice packs in your checked luggage.

What Will Happen If Ice Packs Explode On A Plane?

If an ice pack were to explode on a plane, it could cause the plane to lose pressurization, which could lead to a number of problems.

Can Gel Ice Packs Be Placed In Checked Luggage?

Reusable gel ice packs are allowed in checked baggage on flights.


  • Can I Bring Ice Packs For Breast Milk On A Plane?: You can bring ice packs for breast milk through security, as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening. You can also bring dry ice in your carry-on or checked luggage, but note that there are additional guidelines for doing so.
  • Can I Bring Ice Packs In My Carry-On Bag?: You can bring ice packs, freezer packs and frozen gel packs in your carry-on bag and luggage to keep breast milk fresh, but they are subject to the same 3-1-1 liquids rule as other liquids and gels.
  • What Ice Packs Can I Use For Medication That Are Tsa Approved?: TSA-approved ice packs can be used to keep medications cool and effective. These must be frozen solid when presented for screening. You can find TSA-approved ice packs for sale online or at many stores that sell camping and hiking gear.
  • What Is The Best Ice Pack For Medicine On A Plane?: The best ice pack for medicine on a plane is the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Ice Pack Small.
  • Can You Take A Cooler With Ice On A Plane?: You are allowed to bring dry ice and frozen food in both carry-on and checked bags, as long as the ice is completely frozen. You cannot bring ice made from water onto the plane.

Final Word

So there you have it, everything you need to know about packing ice packs in your carry-on baggage. Remember to keep any liquid/gel ice packs in containers that hold 100-ml (3.4 oz) or less and you’ll be good to go. Safe travels!

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