Are Photo Frames Allowed In Hand Luggage?

If you’re anything like me, you love to take pictures on vacation and then promptly display them in your home for all to see. But if you’re also anything like me, you’re constantly wondering if those beautiful picture frames are allowed on the plane. I’m here to tell you that, according to the TSA, glass picture frames are allowed in both carry-on baggage and in checked baggage. However, the final decision rests with the TSA officer. So even if they give you the green light, you still have to satisfy the carrier’s regulations.

So, are photo frames allowed in hand luggage?

Yes, photo frames are allowed in hand luggage, but they may be subject to additional screening by the TSA. Glass picture frames are allowed in both carry-on baggage and in checked baggage, but the TSA notes that “the final decision rests with the TSA officer.” Remember that even if the TSA gives the OK, you still have to satisfy the carrier’s regulations.

Let’s dig into it and see what we can uncover.


  • The TSA allows glass picture frames in both carry-on baggage and checked baggage, but notes that frames made of other materials (such as metal or plastic) are also permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. If you are unsure about whether an item is permitted, you can snap a picture of it or send a question to AskTSA on Twitter.
  • Yes, you can bring a photo frame on an airplane, but it must be able to fit under your seat or in your overhead bin.
  • The TSA allows photo frames in both checked and carry-on bags, but there are a few restrictions. Frames must be made of materials that are allowed in carry-on bags, such as plastic or wood. They must also be small enough to fit in your luggage without taking up too much space. Glass frames must be packed in a way that will prevent them from breaking.
  • There is no set size for a photo frame that is allowed on an airplane, but it must be able to fit safely in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • You don’t need to remove the glass from your photo frame to bring it on an airplane, but there are a few things to keep in mind when packing it.

Can I Take A Jar Of Coffee In Hand Luggage?

You are allowed to bring coffee through airport security in your carry-on baggage.

What Are The Restrictions On Glass Items In Hand Luggage?

The restrictions on glass items in hand luggage vary depending on the airline and destination. In most cases, as long as the glass item fits in your carry-on and the bag adheres to size and weight restrictions, you should be fine. However, there are some items, like liquids and batteries, which are restricted or outright banned on flights. For a complete list of what you can and can’t bring on a plane, consult your airline or the TSA.

Can I Pack A Hair Dryer In My Hand Luggage?

You can pack a hair dryer in your hand luggage with no restrictions.


  • Can I Bring A Large Picture Frame On A Plane?: You can bring a glass picture frame on a plane, either in your carry-on baggage or in your checked baggage. However, the TSA notes that the final decision on whether or not to allow a particular item on a plane rests with the airline. If your picture frame is large or won’t fit inside your suitcase, you can use a box and wrap it with a bag cloth or luggage cover and check it as oversized luggage.
  • Can I Bring A Glass Aftershave Bottle In My Hand Luggage?: Yes, you are allowed to bring a glass perfume bottle in your hand luggage as long as it is 3.4oz/100ml or less in size. However, other restricted items such as medication and contact lens solution must not exceed this limit when combined. Perfume should be placed in a clear, plastic bag for easy inspection.

Final Word

So there you have it, photo frames are allowed on airplanes! But as always, make sure to check with your carrier before packing anything in your carry-on or checked baggage. And now that you know photo frames are A-OK for air travel, why not pick up a few new ones for your home? After all, they make great gifts!

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