Does Clear Include Tsa Precheck?

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely dread going through airport security. You know the drill: take off your shoes, belts, and jackets, empty your pockets, put all of your liquids in a quart-sized bag, and hope that you don’t get selected for a random pat-down. But what if I told you that there is a way to make this process much easier and less time-consuming? With Clear, you can do just that.

So, does clear include tsa precheck?

The short answer is that Clear does not automatically include TSA PreCheck. However, if you have PreCheck, you can use the Clear lane to go through security faster. Clear is a separate membership program that uses biometrics (fingerprints, iris scans, etc.) to verify your identity.

Let’s dig into it and find out what’s going on.


  • Clear is a program that uses biometrics to verify users’ identities, allowing them to expedite the security screening process at many major airports. Unfortunately, Clear does not include TSA PreCheck.
  • Clear is a program that uses biometric scanning technology to verify your identity and allow you to skip the security line and go straight to the gate.
  • There are several benefits to using Clear for airport security, including the ability to use the Clear lane to speed up the first half of the airport security process, accelerated touchless screening, the ability to use both Clear and TSA PreCheck, and many credit cards covering the cost of Clear membership.
  • It depends on the individual. Some people may feel that the yearly fee is not worth it, while others may find the time savings and convenience to be worth the investment.
  • To get TSA Precheck, you must apply in-person at an enrollment center with a valid form of ID. The application fee is $85 for 5 years. You will need to undergo a background check and fingerprinting. Once approved, you can use the TSA Precheck lane at participating airport locations.

Does Clear Get You Through Tsa Precheck?

No, Clear does not automatically get you through TSA PreCheck. With Clear, you’ll verify your identity in a separate line using biometric identification, but you still have to go through the physical security like anyone else. If you are a member of both programs, you can go through Clear, then move into the TSA PreCheck line for expedited physical screening.

Is Clear Worth It Without Tsa Precheck?

No, Clear is not worth it without TSA PreCheck. While Clear can speed up your entry into airports, stadiums and venues, you will still be subject to traditional airport screening if you are selected for it. This means that you will not be able to use the TSA PreCheck security line, which can be a significant time-saver.

What If You Have Clear But Not Precheck?

If you have CLEAR but not TSA PreCheck, you’ll still be able to go through security faster than those in the standard line. However, you will still need to take off your coat and shoes and remove any electronics in your bag. If you have both CLEAR and TSA PreCheck, you’ll be able to go through security even faster.

How Do You Get Tsa Precheck For Free?

There are a few ways to get TSA PreCheck for free. One way is to carry an eligible credit card. Many credit cards will reimburse the TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fee if you use that card to pay for the fee upfront.

Another way to get TSA PreCheck for free is by being a member of certain frequent traveler programs. Some programs, such as the US Military Trusted Traveler program, offer TSA PreCheck for free to members.

What Is The Difference Between Clear And Global Entry?

The main difference between Clear and Global Entry is that Clear saves you time going through security screenings at the airport, while Global Entry saves you time at customs when entering the United States.

How Long Does It Take To Get Tsa Precheck?

It takes 3-5 days for most people to get approved for TSA PreCheck, but some may have to wait up to 60 days. The entire process, from start to finish, should take less than five minutes.

How To Use Clear At The Airport?

You can enroll in CLEAR airport security screening online or at any participating airport. When you sign up, you will need to provide your biometric information, including your fingerprints and iris scans. Once you are enrolled in CLEAR, you can use the CLEAR lane to speed up the security screening process.


  • How Does One Sign Up For The Clear Airport Free Trial?: To sign up for the Clear airport free trial, fill out the enrollment form on their website with basic personal information and a valid form of ID.
  • What Are The Requirements For Tsa Precheck?: To apply for TSA PreCheck, you must be a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident, and you must submit an online application. If you are approved, you will be required to attend an in-person interview. At the interview, you will need to bring a valid photo ID and proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residency.
  • Is Clear Worth It For Swimmers?: It depends on the purpose of the goggles, the swimming environment, and the swimmer’s preference.
  • Can I Use Tsa Precheck For International Flights?: Yes, you can use TSA PreCheck for international flights departing from U.S. airports.
  • Does Global Entry Include Tsa Precheck?: No, global entry does not include TSA PreCheck. Global Entry provides expedited U.S. customs screening for pre-approved, low-risk travelers, while TSA PreCheck provides expedited security screening for flights departing from U.S. airports. However, people with Global Entry can use the TSA PreCheck lanes at airports for expedited security screening. Global Entry membership also includes other benefits such as expedited U.S. customs screening and the use of Global Entry kiosks at airports for expedited customs processing.

Final Word

So there you have it! Clear does not include the membership features of TSA PreCheck, but it can still help you get through the security line faster.

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