How Often Do You Have To Renew Tsa Precheck?

If you are a frequent flyer, you know the drill of taking off your shoes, jacket, and belt, and emptying your pockets before going through security. However, with TSA PreCheck®, you can avoid all of that! But how long does your TSA PreCheck® membership last? According to the website, memberships last five years.

So, how often do you have to renew tsa precheck?

TSA PreCheck® memberships last five years, so you will need to renew your membership every five years.

Let’s dig into it and see what secrets it holds.


  • TSA PreCheck allows air travelers to enjoy an expedited security screening process at airports. With TSA PreCheck, you can keep your shoes, laptops, and liquids in your carry-on bag, and you can keep your belt and jacket on.
  • TSA PreCheck is a program that allows travelers to participate in an expedited security screening at airports. To enroll, you must fill out an application and pay a fee of $85. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) that you can use when booking flights. When you arrive at the airport, look for the TSA PreCheck lane at security and present your boarding pass and valid ID.
  • You can sign up for TSA PreCheck either online or in person at an enrollment center. The application process takes about 5 minutes, and you will need to schedule an appointment for a background check and fingerprinting. The cost of TSA PreCheck is $85 for 5 years.
  • The benefits of TSA PreCheck include faster and easier travel through airport security, lower application fees, and more widely available enrollment locations.
  • To be eligible for TSA PreCheck®, you must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you must not have any disqualifying criminal offenses, you must not pose a threat to national security, you must have a valid photo ID, and you must provide fingerprints for a background check.

Does Tsa Precheck Automatically Renew?

No, TSA PreCheck does not automatically renew. You will need to complete a new application and pay the fee every five years. However, if you are already a member of Global Entry, you will not need to complete a separate application for TSA PreCheck – your Global Entry card will serve as your KTN (Known Traveler Number).

Do You Have To Pay For Tsa Precheck Every Year?

Yes, you have to pay for TSA PreCheck every year. The fee is $85 and it covers your eligibility for a period of 5 years.

How Do You Renew Your Tsa Precheck?

There are a few ways to renew your TSA PreCheck status. One way is to re-apply for the program by completing the online application and going through the screening process again. Another way is to sign up for a Global Entry or NEXUS program, which will automatically renew your TSA PreCheck status. You can also renew your status by providing updated documentation, such as a new passport or driver’s license, to the TSA.

What Happens If Your Tsa Precheck Expires?

If your TSA Precheck expires, you will need to reapply in order to continue enjoying the benefits of the program. This process is the same for renewal, expired, and new applicants. Members who are reapplying will receive a new Known Traveler Number (KTN), as their existing or expired KTN cannot be reissued.

How Do I Find Out When My Tsa Precheck Expires?

To find out when your TSA Precheck expires, you can check your Known Traveler Number (KTN) online. If your KTN has expired, you will no longer receive Precheck benefits and will have to go through standard security screening procedures at airports.

What Is The Tsa Precheck Renewal Cost?

The cost to renew TSA PreCheck online is $70.


  • How Do I Renew My Tsa Precheck Online?: To renew your TSA PreCheck membership, log in to the TSA PreCheck website and provide your Known Traveler Number, date of birth, and legal last name. Some members may be required to renew in person to provide updated data or new fingerprints.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Tsa Precheck?: It can take up to 60 days to be approved for TSA PreCheck, but most applicants are notified of their approval within 3-5 days.
  • What Is The Renewal Status For Tsa Precheck?: To check the status of your application for TSA Precheck, you can visit the Universal Enroll website and select “Check my Service Status.” If you enrolled using TSA’s enrollment process, you can renew your membership early with no disadvantage. If you have questions about your TSA Precheck status, you can contact the TSA Contact Center at (866) 289-9673, submit an online form, or contact us at @AskTSA on Twitter.
  • What Are The Tsa Precheck Renewal Locations?: The TSA PreCheck renewal process can be completed online or in person at any IdentoGO enrollment center. The cost of renewal is $70 for online applications and $85 for in-person renewals.
  • What Is A Tsa Precheck Number?: A TSA Precheck number is a number that is issued to individuals who have been approved for TSA Precheck expedited screening.

Final Word

So there you have it! Every five years, you will need to renew your TSA PreCheck® membership in order to continue enjoying the benefits and perks of the program. We hope this article has been helpful in explaining the process to you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. And remember, next time you travel, make sure to take advantage of your TSA PreCheck® membership by using the dedicated security lanes. It’ll make your life a lot easier.

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