Is Tsa Going To Gs Pay Scale?

As a federal employee, you may be wondering if the TSA will be shifting to the GS pay scale like many other agencies. The answer is no – the TSA uses a different pay system called the SV grading system. However, this system is equivalent to the GS grades between 4 and 15. So although your pay scale may be different, your salary range will be similar.

So, is tsa going to gs pay scale?

There is no indication that the TSA is planning to switch to the GS pay scale. The TSA uses a pay system called the SV grading system, which is similar to the GS pay scale but with different salary ranges. The SV system is used to determine salary ranges for TSA employees.

Let’s dig into it and find out what’s going on.


  • This change would mean pay raises and better job classification for TSA employees.
  • The GS pay scale is the federal government pay scale used to determine the salaries of over 70% of federal civilian employees. The GS has 15 grades, with GS-1 being the lowest and GS-15 the highest. An employee’s grade is determined by their job classification, and the base pay varies from $20,172 per annum at the GS-1 level to $146,757 per annum at step 10 of the GS-15 grade, not including locality pay. Locality pay is an additional percentage of an employee’s salary that is based on the cost of living in their area.
  • The recent news that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is seeking funding to pay its employees on the GS pay scale will not have a significant impact on compensation for most TSA employees.
  • The TSA decided to switch to the GS pay scale in order to attract and retain the best employees, and to keep up with the cost of living.
  • The recent change to the GS pay scale for TSA may make it more difficult to attract and retain qualified candidates in the future. The agency will need to make sure that it communicates the benefits of working for TSA, such as job satisfaction and the opportunity to serve the public.

Is Tsa Moving To The Gs Scale?

No, the TSA is not moving to the GS scale. The workers for the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) are not currently under ‘Title 5,’ which means they are not a part of the General Schedule (GS) and therefore don’t receive annual federal pay raises. In addition, TSA employees have limited collective bargaining rights.

Is Tsa Going To Get A Pay Raise?

According to the information provided, it appears that the TSA is planning to implement a pay equity plan in their 2023 budget request that would provide significant raises to transportation security officers and federal air marshals. While no specific details are given about when these raises would go into effect, it seems likely that they would occur sometime during the 2023 fiscal year.

Is Tsa Getting A Raise In 2023?

According to the information provided, it appears that TSA employees will be receiving a pay raise in 2023. The pay equity plan mentioned in the statement above provides for an average 30% increase in base pay for TSA employees, while federal air marshals will see an average 20% increase. This pay raise will help to close the gap between TSA employees’ pay and that of their federal counterparts.

Will Tsa Get Title 5?

Yes, the bill includes provisions that would put TSA employees on the same pay system as most federal employees and require TSA to apply the same Title 5 personnel rules to TSA employees. This would provide much needed parity for TSA workers who have long been treated as second-class citizens within the federal government.

When Will Tsa Get Gs Pay In 2022?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is set to receive General Schedule (GS) pay in 2022.

Will Tsa Getgs Pay In2023?

According to the information provided, it seems that the TSA may receive GS pay in 2023 as a result of the Biden administration asking Congress to bring TSA employees’ pay and benefits in line with other federal workers.

When Will The Tsa Pay Increase In 2022?

If the Rights for the Transportation Security Administration Workforce Act of 2022 is passed, TSA officers will receive a pay raise of 30% in May of 2022.


  • What Is The Tsa Gs Scale Update For 2021?: The TSA is set to transition to the General Schedule (GS) pay system in 2021. Under this system, screening officers at the TSA would be able to appeal certain firings, demotions and suspensions. The bill would also provide for a pay raise for TSA officers.
  • What Is The New Pay Scale For Tsa Agents?: The new pay scale for TSA agents would be the same as that of other federal employees, if a new bill is passed. This would be a significant increase from their current salary, which averages at $60,099 per year.
  • What Is The Tsa Core Compensation Plan Pay Chart For 2022?: The TSA does not use the General Schedule (GS) pay system to determine salary ranges. The Core Compensation Plan Pay Chart for 2020 is as follows: D pay band is $28,293 to $42,439. The 2022 pay raise is split into a 2.2% across-the-board raise and an increase in benefits. The increase would help finance TSA’s pay equity plan, which aims to bring TSA employees’ pay and benefits in line with those of other federal employees.
  • How Much Will My Take Home Pay Be If I Receive A 3% Raise?: There is no precise answer because it depends on your current salary, tax bracket, deductions, and inflation.
  • What Tsa Sv Pay Scale Is Equivalent To Gs?: The TSA SV pay scale is equivalent to the GS pay scale used by most federal agencies. The SV pay scale goes from SV-D (equivalent to GS-4/5/6) to SV-G (equivalent to GS-5/7/9). To qualify for the SV-G pay band, applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:

-Have at least one year of experience at the SV-F pay band or equivalent -Have a bachelor’s degree -Have at least two years of experience at the SV-E pay band or equivalent

Final Word

So, there you have it! The TSA does not use the GS pay scale, but rather an equivalent system called the SV grading system.

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