Is Tumi Owned By Samsonite?

When it comes to luggage, two of the most popular brands are Samsonite and Tumi. But did you know that Samsonite actually owns Tumi? In this article, we’ll explore the history of both brands and how they came to be under the same umbrella. We’ll also compare and contrast the two brands so you can decide which is the right one for you.

So, is tumi owned by samsonite?

No, Tumi is not currently owned by Samsonite. However, Samsonite did purchase Tumi back in 2016. Both brands are still recognized as individual brands, though Samsonite is more popular among frequent flyers. Samsonite is also the leading luggage company for polypropylene suitcases.

Let’s dig into it and see what we can learn.


  • Tumi was founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford. Clifford was inspired to start the company after he saw rugged leather bags being made in South America. He named the company after a Peruvian icon known as the Tumi, which is known for its strength and durability. Today, Tumi is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end luggage and travel accessories. Its products are sold in over 100 countries around the world and the company has a strong presence in the online market.
  • As of March 4, 2016, Samsonite has officially acquired Tumi. Tumi was originally founded by American entrepreneur Charlie Clifford, and has since become globally recognized for its luxury baggage and travel products. The acquisition by Samsonite means that Tumi’s innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship will now be brought under the Samsonite umbrella. We can expect even more great things from both Samsonite and Tumi in the future!
  • Tumi sells a wide range of high-end luggage, travel accessories, and business cases.
  • Tumi is a popular choice among travelers and frequent flyers, due to its reputation for quality, technical innovation, and design excellence. Additionally, Tumi’s collaborations with well-known brands and celebrities, such as Rimowa and Gorbachev, have helped to raise the brand’s profile.
  • Tumi Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, with additional offices in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Who Owns The Brand Tumi?

Charlie Clifford founded TUMI in 1975, and he continues to own the brand today. TUMI is a luxury luggage and accessories company that is known for its high quality and innovative designs. The company has a wide range of products, including travel bags, business bags, backpacks, and more. TUMI has a global presence, with stores in major cities around the world.

What Brands Does Samsonite Own?

The Samsonite Corporation owns a number of different brands, including Samsonite, Tumi, American Tourister, Gregory, High Sierra, Kamiliant, ebags, Lipault, and Hartmann. These brands are engaged in the design, manufacture, sourcing, and distribution of luggage, business and computer bags, outdoor and casual bags, and travel accessories throughout the world.

Did Tumi Buy Samsonite?

Yes, Samsonite agreed to buy Tumi Holdings Inc. for about $1.8 billion. Tumi investors will receive $26.75 per share in cash. This is Samsonite’s biggest acquisition to date.

Is American Tourister Owned By Samsonite?

No, American Tourister is not owned by Samsonite. However, the two brands are united under one company, Samsonite International. Samsonite first acquired American Tourister in 1993, and the brand has continued to grow ever since. Today, American Tourister is present in over 90 countries around the world.

Who Owns Tumi?

Samsonite announced that it would acquire Tumi in an all-cash transaction on March 4, 2016. Tumi is founded by American entrepreneur Charlie Clifford and is expected to generate significant synergies over time.

Who Owns The Company Samsonite?

Samsonite International S.A.

Who Owns Rimowa?

LVMH owns Rimowa.


  • What Are The Conditions Of Samsonite’S Acquisition Of Tumi?: The conditions of Samsonite’s acquisition of Tumi are that Samsonite will pay $26.75 a share in cash, and the acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2016.
  • What Are The Main Differences Between Samsonite And Tumi Luggage?: The main differences between Samsonite and Tumi luggage are in terms of value, durability, and style. Samsonite suitcases are a better value than Tumi, but Tumi bags are more durable. Tumi also has a more stylish and modern look, while Samsonite is more traditional.
  • Why Is Tumi So Expensive?: The main reason Tumi luggage is so expensive is because the company uses high-quality materials. Ballistic nylon and leather cost more than polyester, so Tumi’s products are more expensive overall. Additionally, Tumi backpacks are not sold in stores, so customers have to order them online or through authorized dealers. This also contributes to the higher cost. Finally, the brand has built up a reputation for luxury and quality, so people are willing to pay more for Tumi products.
  • Is The Tumi Luggage Brand A Good Quality Brand?: The Tumi luggage brand is a good quality brand that offers high quality and performance. Tumi consistently ranks highly in customer satisfaction surveys and independent testing, and offers a wide range of products to suit different needs and budgets. While Tumi products may be more expensive than some other brands, customers feel that they are worth the investment due to the quality and durability of the products.
  • How Much Does Samsonite Luggage Weigh?: The largest Samsonite luggage option weighs 11.5 pounds.

Final Word

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Samsonite and Tumi luggage. Whether you’re looking for a new suitcase or just want to know more about the brands, we hope this article has been helpful.

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