What Do Pilots Carry In Their Luggage?

If you’re anything like me, you love to travel. But there’s always that one burning question in the back of your mind: what do pilots carry in their luggage? Well, after doing some research, I’ve got the answer for you.

Pilots are required to carry a few things with them, including a pilot certificate, photo identification, and an aviation medical certificate (when necessary). The rest is optional, but can be useful.

So, what’s in a pilot’s bag? Let’s take a look.

So, what do pilots carry in their luggage?

Pilots carry a few essential items in their luggage, including a pilot certificate, photo ID, and aviation medical certificate (if necessary). Beyond that, the rest is optional but can be useful. Some items that pilots might choose to pack include a flight bag with charts and other flight planning materials, a portable GPS unit, binoculars, and a handheld radio.

Let’s dig into it and see if we can figure it out.


  • Yes, pilots are required to pack their own luggage, which must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of them. They are also allowed to bring help, but it is recommended that only those who are able-bodied and can handle the luggage themselves do so.
  • Pilots are not allowed to bring weapons or explosives in their luggage, and any item that cannot be screened by security is not allowed in carry-on baggage.
  • The answer to how much luggage pilots can bring seems to depend on the airline. Some airlines have explicit limits, while others do not. However, practical considerations usually dictate that pilots travel light so as not to be weighed down by too much luggage.
  • If a pilot needs to bring something that is not allowed on the plane, they will need to get a special exemption from the FAA.
  • The consequences of bringing something forbidden onto an airplane can include confiscation of the item, arrest, and/or imprisonment.

What Must A Pilot Carry?

A pilot must always carry a government issued photo ID, valid pilot certificate, and current medical certificate when exercising their pilot privileges. These items must be easily accessible to the pilot while they are flying, in case they need to be referenced during the flight.

What Luggage Do Pilots Have?

Pilots typically use a special bag called a “pilot’s bag” as their regular everyday bag. This type of bag is usually a small wheeled suitcase, a backpack, or a handheld bag that fits next to the pilot’s chair in the cockpit. Pilot bags come in various sizes, but most commonly range between 10 x 8 x 6 inches and 18 x 14 x 12 inches.

How Many Bags Do Pilots Carry?

Pilots typically travel with two bags: a flight bag and a carry-on bag. The flight bag is usually smaller and can be easily carried on board the aircraft. It may also have wheels, making it easy to transport through the airport. The carry-on bag is larger and is typically used to store items that are not needed during the flight, such as a change of clothes.

What Backpack Do Pilots Use?

The ASA AirClassics Pilot Backpack is the best backpack for pilots, as it is specifically designed for pilots but can also be used for everyday use. The backpack has enough space to store all of your gear, making it the perfect choice for pilots who need a reliable and spacious backpack.

What Is A Pilot Suitcase?

A pilot suitcase is a specially designed suitcase that is used by pilots. It is usually made of durable materials and is designed to be able to carry a lot of weight. Pilot suitcases usually have wheels so that they can be easily transported, and often have multiple compartments to keep everything organized.

What Do Fighter Pilots Carry In Their Bags?

Fighter pilots typically carry a few essential items in their bags, including a pilot certificate, a photo ID, and a map. They may also carry a small water bottle, a flashlight, and a folding knife. In addition, they may carry a pittle pack, which is a small bag of powder that helps with diarrhea.

What Luggage Do Flight Attendants Use?

The best luggage for travel according to flight attendants is lightweight, easy to carry, and durable. Samsonite, Travelpro, and Briggs & Riley are all great choices for those looking for high quality luggage that will last.


  • Where Can I Purchase Travelpro Flight Crew Luggage?: The Travelpro FlightCrew 5 collection is available for purchase from the Travelpro website.
  • What To Carry In Flight Bag?: There are a few things you should always make sure to have in your flight bag: a flashlight, an external battery charger, a headset, and a spare set of headphones. If you’re flying to a country where you don’t speak the language, it can be helpful to have a phrasebook or dictionary on hand. And if you’re traveling with medication, be sure to pack enough to last the entire trip, as well as a copy of your prescription in case you need to replace it while you’re away.
  • How Many Compartments Does The Samsonite Flight Crew Bag Have?: The Samsonite Flight Crew Bag has a main compartment with a zippered closure, as well as an interior zippered pocket and an exterior pocket.
  • What Is The Best Luggage For Flight Attendants?: The best luggage for flight attendants is luggage that is durable, affordable, and easy to maneuver. Some of the best options include the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Luggage, the Samsonite Luggage, and the Briggs & Riley Luggage.

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