What Time Does Tsa Open At Dallas Love Field?

Do you have an upcoming flight out of Dallas Love Field and are wondering what time you need to get to the airport? Maybe you’re trying to plan ahead and want to know what the earliest time you can get to the airport is. Either way, we’ve got you covered. The terminal lobby at Dallas Love Field is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you can enter the building at any time. However, the TSA security checkpoint opens at 4:00 am. So, if you’re looking to get a head start on the security line, you’ll need to be at the airport no later than 4:00 am.

So, what time does tsa open at dallas love field?

The lobby at Dallas Love Field is open 24/7, so passengers can enter the building at any time. However, the TSA security checkpoint opens at 4:00 am. This is the earliest time that passengers can go through security and catch their flights.

Let’s dig into it and see if we can solve the mystery.


  • You should arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure for domestic flights, and three hours prior for international flights. If you’re not checking baggage or flying domestically, you must arrive at least 60 minutes before departure.
  • The earliest time that TSA is open is 3:30 a.m.
  • The wait time for security at Dallas Love Field is typically 4 minutes, but this can change rapidly. For the most up-to-date information, check the flySEA app or the TSA website.
  • Yes, TSA does have a Precheck line for travelers who wish to get through security faster. To take advantage of the Precheck line, you must add your Known Traveler Number to your airline reservation. Precheck lines are available at participating airports for members of the military (both in uniform and not), civilian employees of the Department of Defense, and for travelers with a Known Traveler Number. If you believe you should have Precheck status but didn’t receive it, please call the TSA Contact Center.
  • The best way to get to Dallas Love Field airport depends on your specific circumstances. If you’re looking for the most convenient option, taking a taxi or private shuttle from DFW airport is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for the most economical option, taking the DART bus is probably your best bet. And if you’re looking for the quickest option, driving yourself is probably your best bet. Whichever option you choose, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport so you don’t miss your flight!

What Time Does Tsa Precheck Open At Love Field?

The TSA PreCheck security line at Love Field opens at 4:15 a.m. daily. CLEAR lanes and enrollment are available daily from 4:15 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What Time Does The Southwest Ticket Counter Open At Love Field?

The Southwest ticket counter at Love Field opens 120 minutes before the first departure of the day. This means that if the first departure is at 7:00am, the ticket counter will open at 5:00am.

Is There Tsa Precheck At Dallas Love Field?

Yes, Dallas Love Field has a dedicated lane for TSA Precheck customers. “TSA Precheck” must be clearly visible on your electronic or paper boarding pass in order to use this lane.

How Early Should I Get To The Dallas Airport?

You should arrive at the Dallas airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled domestic departure, and 3 hours before your international departure. This will give you enough time to check in, go through security, and get to your gate. If you need to park your car at the airport, allow yourself extra time to do so.

How Busy Is Love Field Airport Today?

The Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas is quite busy, with an average wait time of 34 minutes and 6 seconds at the security checkpoints.

What Time Does Southwest Open At Dallas Love Field?

The curbside check-in and the ticket counter at Dallas Love Field open 120 minutes before the first departure of the day.

What Are The Average Dallas Love Field Wait Times?

The average wait time at Dallas Love Field Airport is 34 minutes. However, during peak times, the wait time can increase to over 30 minutes.


  • What Is The Tsa Dallas Love Field Phone Number?: The TSA Dallas Love Field phone number is (214) 670-4227.
  • What Are The Dallas Love Field Security Procedures?: The Dallas Love Field security procedures are as follows: customers should arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their scheduled flight departure; wait times can vary, but Dallas Love Field has partnered with CLEAR to make the security process even faster for travelers; CLEAR uses biometric technology to link passengers’ fingerprints or irises to their boarding passes, so they can move through security checkpoints more quickly; face masks are now optional for Dallas Love Field employees, but passengers are still required to wear them when going through security checkpoints; Airport Security Compliance Officers and Airport Operations Officers are responsible for ensuring that all airport and airline rules, policies, and procedures are followed; TSA security checkpoints are located in the central area of the airport, and TSA Pre-Check is available for passengers who meet certain criteria; the DART Bus Airport Service provides convenient and economical transportation between Dallas Love Field and popular North Texas destinations.
  • What Is The Check-In Process For Dallas Love Field?: The check-in process for Dallas Love Field is as follows: first, check the flight status to ensure that the flight is on schedule. Next, proceed to the parking area to drop off any baggage. Then, head to the TSA security checkpoint to clear security. After that, follow the directions to the gate. Finally, before boarding the plane, make sure to check the shop and dine options in the terminal.
  • What Is The Dallas Love Field Baggage Claim Phone Number?: The Dallas Love Field baggage claim phone number is (214) 670-4227.
  • What Happened At Love Field Today?: A woman was shot by police after she opened fire inside Love Field Airport in Dallas. The incident caused delays and cancellations of flights, and stranded passengers at the airport for hours.

Final Word

So there you have it! The TSA security checkpoint at Dallas Love Field opens at 4:00 am. Make sure you get to the airport early enough to get through security and make your flight on time!

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