Why Do You Need A Luggage Tag?

Have you ever been to the airport and seen your luggage come out on the conveyor belt, only to realize that it has somebody else’s name on it? Or maybe you’ve had your luggage lost by the airline, never to be seen again? Luggage tags are essential for making sure that your bag gets to where it’s supposed to go, and in the condition that you expect it. In this article, we’ll discuss the three main reasons why you need a luggage tag on your bags when you travel.

So, why do you need a luggage tag?

There are three main reasons why you might need a luggage tag:

1. To help you identify your bag at the baggage carousel. If your bag is similar to others on the carousel, a luggage tag can help you quickly spot yours.

2. To prove that you weren’t stealing someone else’s luggage. If your bag is questioned by security or airline staff, a luggage tag can help show that the bag is yours.

3. To track missing baggage. If your bag is lost or stolen, a luggage tag can help the airline track it down.

Let’s dig into it and see if we can figure it out.


  • Luggage tags help to ensure that your luggage arrives at its destination, identify your luggage if it is lost, and keep track of your luggage if you have multiple pieces.
  • A luggage tag can help you identify your luggage by helping you spot it, track it, claim it, and organize it.
  • Most people agree that you should include your name, email address, and phone number on your luggage tag. However, there is some debate over whether or not you should also include your address. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to include your address on your luggage tag is up to you. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you do choose to include your address, make sure to use a safe, public location such as your workplace or a friend’s house. And be sure to include your cell phone number on your luggage tag, as this will make it easier for somebody to reach you if your bag is found.
  • There are a few things you can do to make sure your luggage tag stays securely attached to your suitcase. First, choose a tag that has a durable strap or loop. Second, make sure the tag is securely fastened to your bag. And third, if you’re traveling to the United States, make sure your luggage lock is in compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.
  • If you lose your luggage tag, you may have difficulty getting your bag back. The tag is important because it has your contact information and the airline’s information. If the airline can’t find your bag, they may offer you compensation.

Does The Airport Give You Luggage Tags When You Check In Your Bags?

No, the airport does not give you luggage tags when you check in your bags. However, it is recommended that you add a personal luggage tag to your checked bag. You can print out your bag tags at a United kiosk at the airport.

Do You Need A Luggage Tag For Carry-On?

No, you do not need a luggage tag for carry-on.

Where Do You Get Luggage Tags?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing luggage tags. You’ll want to make sure the tags are durable, easy to read, and securely attached to your bag. Some tags even come with a built-in GPS tracker. When choosing luggage tags, it’s important to pick ones that best suit your needs. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number on the tag.


  • What To Write On Luggage Tag?: Include your name, phone number, and email address on your luggage tag. You may also want to include your destination address, work address, or cell phone number.
  • What Are The Tsa Luggage Tag Requirements?: The TSA requires that luggage tags include the owner’s name, email address, and phone number. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to include an address.
  • Do You Need Luggage Tags For Cruise?: Luggage tags are not required for cruising, but they can make things much easier. You can use luggage tags to make sure your luggage is delivered to your room on the cruise ship. You should still have a traditional luggage tag on your suitcase with your contact information, just in case.

Final Word

A luggage tag is one of the most important things you can put on your suitcase – it’s your bag’s identity. It can help you find your bag if it gets lost, and it can also help prove that the bag is yours if someone tries to claim it as their own.

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