Are Disposable Contacts Allowed In Carry On Luggage?

Are you packing for a trip and wondering if you can bring your contact lenses with you? Don’t worry, you can! In fact, single-use lenses are the best type of lenses to travel with. They are individually packaged and sealed, so they are carry-on safe. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bringing contact lens solution with you. Your lenses do not count as a liquid, but any contact lens solution does.

So, are disposable contacts allowed in carry on luggage?

Yes, disposable contacts are allowed in carry on luggage. This is because they are individually packaged and sealed, so they are considered safe by the TSA. Any contact lens solution does count as a liquid, however, so you will need to pack that separately.

Let’s dig into it and see what we can learn.


  • You should bring a few extra pairs of disposable contacts with you when you fly, in case you need them. The dry air on planes can make lens wear uncomfortable, so it’s always best to have a few extras on hand. You can pack contact solution in your carry-on as long as it’s under 100ml in volume. Just be sure to put it in a clear, sealable bag so that it’s easy to access during the security screening process. And don’t forget to pack a backup pair of contacts in case you lose or damage your lenses while you’re travelling.
  • Yes, your disposable contacts will be safe in your luggage during a flight. You can pack them in either your carry-on or checked bag, and they will be protected in a sealed zip lock bag.
  • The best way to pack your disposable contacts for a flight is to bring a travel-size container of contact lens solution in your carry-on bag.
  • When travelling with disposable contacts, it’s important to keep them safe and secure so they don’t get lost in your luggage. One way to do this is to pack them in your carry-on bag instead of your checked luggage. Another way to keep your contacts safe is to pack them in a contact lens case and keep them in your handbag or purse. Finally, make sure to pack a travel size bottle of contact lens solution and some rewetting drops.
  • There are a few things you can do if your disposable contacts are lost or damaged during a flight. If you have a checked bag, you can contact the airline to see if they can locate it. If your contacts are in an unchecked bag, you can try to find them yourself or ask a flight attendant for help. You can also contact the manufacturer of your contacts to see if they have any replacement options.

How To Pack Disposable Contact Lenses When Flying?

You can pack disposable contact lenses in your hand luggage or checked bags, but make sure they’re well protected. It’s a good idea to take some lubricating eye drops with you, as the pressurised cabin can dry out your eyes. Daily disposable contact lenses offer a no-muss, no-fuss approach to travel.

Can I Bring Contact Lenses On A British Airways Flight?

Yes, you can bring contact lenses on a British Airways flight. You are allowed to bring them in sealed strips, and the solution is allowed in cabin bags. If you have any questions about your fitness to fly, you can contact the Passenger Medical Clearance Unit.

Can I Bring Contact Lenses In Hand Luggage On A Ryanair Plane?

Yes, you can bring sealed, disposable contact lenses in both your hand luggage and checked baggage on a Ryanair flight. You can also bring non-disposable lenses in a case, as long as they fit in the regulation plastic bag.


  • What Are The Tsa Carry-On Rules?: The TSA has a number of rules and regulations regarding what items are allowed in carry-on and checked luggage, including restrictions on liquids, gels, creams, and pastes, as well as on electronics and other items. Travelers are advised to contact the TSA in advance if they have any questions about an item they wish to bring on a flight.
  • Do Contacts Need To Be In A Quart Bag When You Travel?: No, contacts do not need to be in a quart bag when you travel. However, if you are only packing them for cosmetic reasons, it is a good idea to place them in a quart-sized bag with other liquids. Having a backup pair of lenses is always a good idea in case your luggage gets lost.
  • What Is The Freezing Point Of Contact Lenses?: The freezing point of contact lenses is about 5°F (-15°C). However, the lens will not be damaged if it is frozen in solution.
  • How Can I Travel With My Contact Lenses?: When traveling with contact lenses, make sure you have plenty of solution, pack your eye care gear in one place, know the travel security rules, consider daily disposable lenses, and take your lenses out before swimming or showering.
  • Can You Wear Colored Contacts To The Airport?: You can technically wear colored contacts to the airport, but it’s not recommended. Airport security may give you a more stringent check, and you may be asked to remove your lenses if they’re cosmetic. Obey your eye doctor’s orders when it comes to travel and wearing contacts.

Final Word

So there you have it, disposables are the way to go when flying with contacts. And don’t forget, single-use lenses are individually packaged and sealed so they are carry-on safe!

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