Does A Wheelchair Count As Luggage?

If you’re someone who uses a wheelchair, you might be wondering if it counts as luggage on an airplane. The answer is no, assistive devices do not count toward your baggage limit. However, if your bag also contains personal items, the airline can count your bag toward a baggage limit and it may be subject to a baggage fee. This article will provide more information on what to expect when travelling with a wheelchair.

So, does a wheelchair count as luggage?

No, a wheelchair does not count as luggage. Assistive devices are not counted towards your baggage limit. However, if your bag also contains personal items, the airline can count your bag towards a baggage limit and it may be subject to a baggage fee.

Let’s dig into it and find out what’s going on.


  • The weight of a wheelchair can vary depending on the type of wheelchair, the materials it is made from, and the weight limit of the particular model.
  • A wheelchair typically has four wheels.
  • Most wheelchairs measure 24 to 27 inches wide from wheel to wheel. In order for a wheelchair to be operated and move freely through a door, the doorway should be at least 32 inches wide.
  • The average height of a wheelchair is 43 to 51 inches.
  • The best type of wheelchair for travel depends on several factors, including the type of terrain you’ll be travelling on, the type of luggage you’ll be using, and your personal preferences. If you’ll be sticking to paved roads and sidewalks, a standard wheelchair will suffice. However, if you’re planning on doing any off-roading or exploring rougher terrain, you’ll need a more robust wheelchair with all-terrain tires. wheelchair-specific suitcase that attaches to the back of your chair for easy transport.

Do Airlines Charge Extra For Wheelchairs?

No, airlines are not allowed to charge extra for wheelchairs. According to the Department of Transportation, “airlines are required to accept wheelchairs on their flights for free.” If your wheelchair is not compatible with the particular plane you’re getting on, the airline will likely give you a wheelchair for free to use.

Are Wheelchairs Considered Checked Luggage?

Wheelchairs are considered checked luggage and can be checked in for free. This includes manual and electric wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes. They can be folding, non-folding, or collapsible.

How Do You Travel With A Wheelchair?

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling with a wheelchair. First, make sure the wheelchair is sturdy and in good condition. Second, pack all of the necessary supplies and accessories, such as a wheelchair ramp, in an easily accessible place. Third, plan your route in advance and make sure there are no obstacles that could prevent you from getting to your destination. Fourth, be prepared for any changes in terrain or weather conditions that could affect your travel. Finally, always keep your safety in mind and never attempt to travel alone if you are not confident in your ability to do so.

How To Check A Wheelchair On An Airplane?

1. Check with your airline to see if your wheelchair will fit in the cargo hold. 2. Wheelchairs can be checked in as baggage for free. 3. Wheelchairs can be stored in the designated space in the plane, overhead, or under your seat. 4. Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight to request a wheelchair. 5. The battery(ies) must be removed from your wheelchair or other assistive device before checking it in.

What Are The Rental Policies For Delta Wheelchair?

Delta’s rental policies for wheelchair assistance aim to make travel as accessible as possible, with no extra charge for services.


  • How Much Does It Cost To Take A Wheelchair On A Plane?: The cost of taking a wheelchair on a plane varies by airline and type of wheelchair.
  • What Is An Airline Approved Electric Wheelchair?: An airline approved electric wheelchair is a wheelchair that has been designed to meet the safety requirements of the particular airline.
  • What Are The Air Travel Rights For Disabled Passengers?: Under the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are required to provide assistance to passengers with disabilities, including those with mobility impairments, blindness, or deafness.
  • Do You Have To Pay To Take A Wheelchair On A Plane?: Some airlines are required to accept at least one manual wheelchair per aircraft with 100 or more seats. Additionally, it appears that some airlines may not charge a fee for bringing a wheelchair on board, although this may depend on the airline.

Final Word

There you have it! Now you know that a wheelchair does not count as luggage when it comes to flying. So, when packing for your next trip, be sure to leave room in your suitcase for all of your other belongings. And, if you have any questions about what you can bring on an airplane, be sure to ask a qualified travel professional before you take off.

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