Does Chase Sapphire Preferred Cover Tsa Precheck?

If you’re wondering whether the Chase Sapphire Preferred card will cover the costs of your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application, the answer is no. However, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card does offer a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck or NEXUS Fee Credit.

So, does chase sapphire preferred cover tsa precheck?

No, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card does not cover the costs of Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. However, Chase does offer a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck or NEXUS Fee Credit on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Let’s dig into it and see if we can figure it out.


  • There are a few ways to potentially get TSA Precheck for free. One is to wait and see if you’re randomly selected to receive Precheck screening benefits by the TSA. Another is to see if your credit card company offers reimbursement for the Precheck application fee – Chase Sapphire Preferred is one card that offers this benefit. Additionally, you may be able to get a free copy of your Experian credit report if you submit the required information.
  • The benefits of TSA Precheck are that you can keep your shoes on, keep your laptop in its case, and keep your 3-1-1 compliant liquids in your carry-on bag. You can also use the dedicated TSA Precheck security lanes at many airports.
  • To sign up for TSA Precheck, you’ll need to submit an online application and schedule an in-person appointment that includes a background check and fingerprinting.
  • The cost of TSA Precheck is $85 for 5 years, but you may be able to get a reimbursement if you are a member of a trusted traveler program.
  • Yes, TSA Precheck is worth it for most travelers. It can save you time and hassle, and if you have a travel credit card that offers a fee credit, it can be even more affordable.

Does Chase Sapphire Preferred Give You Access To Airport Lounges?

No, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card does not come with complimentary access to airport lounges. The only way to get access to airport lounges with this card is to pay the $99 membership fee. If you want a card that comes with free airport lounge access, you’ll need to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve card instead.

Does Chase Cover Tsa Precheck?

Yes, Chase will reimburse you for the cost of TSA PreCheck, up to $85, every four years. In order to be eligible, you must charge the cost of TSA PreCheck to your Chase card. Once you’ve been approved for TSA PreCheck, you can enjoy expedited security screening at participating airports.

How Do You Get Tsa Precheck For Free?

There are a few ways to get TSA PreCheck for free. One way is to carry an eligible credit card. Dozens of credit cards reimburse the TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fee if you use that card to pay upfront.

Another way to get TSA PreCheck for free is by signing up for a frequent flyer program with an airline that partners with TSA PreCheck. For example, Delta’s SkyMiles frequent flyer program offers TSA PreCheck to its members.

Does Chase Sapphire Reimburse Tsa Precheck?

Yes, the Chase Sapphire card does reimburse application fees for NEXUS, Global Entry, or TSA PreCheck. In addition, cardholders have access to the “Reserved by Sapphire” restaurant-booking feature.

What Are The Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers a number of benefits for cardholders, including travel and purchase coverage, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, auto rental collision damage waiver, baggage delay insurance, and trip delay reimbursement.

Additionally, cardholders can earn 5x points on travel purchased through Chase, and up to $50 in annual Chase Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit.

Additionally, the card offers no foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside of the U.S., and complimentary DashPass from DoorDash.

What Is The Difference Between The Chase Sapphire Reserve And The Chase Sapphire Preferred?

The Sapphire Reserve offers more annual credits and higher rewards on travel, while the Sapphire Preferred has a lower annual fee and 1:1 transfer partners.

Can I Use My Chase Sapphire Preferred Lounge Access At Any Airport?

No, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card does not offer airport lounge access.


  • What Are The Benefits Of The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card?: The Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes with many benefits that make it a great choice for travelers and those who spend a lot on dining and travel. The most notable benefits include a large sign-up bonus, bonus rewards on travel and dining, 50% more value when redeeming for travel, and access to a number of perks and benefits like priority pass lounge access and a free DoorDash DashPass subscription. There is also an annual travel credit that can be used for general travel expenses, making this an ideal card for those who travel often.
  • What Is The Difference Between Chase Sapphire Preferred And Chase Sapphire Reserve?: The two cards differ mainly in annual fee: the Chase Sapphire Preferred has an annual fee of $95, while the Chase Sapphire Reserve has an annual fee of $450. The Chase Sapphire Reserve also has a higher rewards rate on travel and annual credits.
  • What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Global Entry?: You must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. lawful permanent resident to qualify for Global Entry.

Final Word

So there you have it! The Chase Sapphire Preferred card does not cover the cost of a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application, but if that benefit is important to you, Chase does offer it on the Sapphire Reserve card.

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